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Training is available on the topics of the specialty areas: LGBTQ issues and Substance Abuse.  Trainings are customizable depending on the exact needs of the institution receiveing the training. 

Institutions that have received trainings:

- Schools

- Places of Employment

- Mental Health Facilities

- Doctor's Offices

Training topics that have been provided:

-Schools in Transition:

How to adopt the Transgender Movement in Your District



Consultation is available to provide information and guidance in regard to a particular case. Although this service can be used by other professionals, it is an under-utilized tool within the corporate and academic world.


If you have found that there is a social/emotional topic that has come up that you are lacking knowledge in, this form of consultation can be used to help walk you through the learning process and help to provide you with a plan toward knowledge and growth.

"At CfEW, our goal is not only to work with our clients individually to better themselves and their mental health, but also to spread knowledge in order to be a part of a greater societal change that will continue to have benefits for our clients throughout their lives." 
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